Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a must for all vintage lovers. The streets are filled with vintage shops, quirky places to eat and drink and amazing graffiti on every wall.
I had a few shops recommended to me prior to going to Toronto, so I had a vague idea of where I was going.
Kensington Market is incredibly chilled out, its full of art, love, and the faint smell of weed.
I could spend hours upon hours and possibly days scouring through all of the vintage shops in search of treasures. The best part of it is; all of the shop owners care about the garments so they’re always in great condition. They’ve been loved from the moment they left the coat hanger.
We stopped for a homemade lemonade at a coffee shop called Fika Cafe, its such a cute place with a simplistic fresh and homely feel, once you walk to the back you’re faced with a wall decorated in open books, fantastic!
One shop that came highly recommended was ‘Rosie the Rebel’ and I can see why! It wasn’t purely vintage but I spied a dress I just couldn’t leave there!
It came home with me and looked beautiful for the meal at the top of the Skylon Tower later in the holiday.
If you find yourself in Kensington Market, but don’t fancy shopping. I would fully recommend a stroll through it just so you can see the street art. Its on the houses, on the floor, on the cars and in the buildings. There’s also some beautiful cafes to sit and drink in. Just soak up the atmosphere of this energetic place.

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