Paramount Studios 

“The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling.” – Cecil B. DeMille.

You’re immediately plunged into a world of showbiz glamour. After receiving our personalised tour badges we went into the waiting room where stunning costumes were on display and the walls were rich in the history of the studio including images from Desilu, there was also a case full of Oscars!
Before we saw the actual stages, Paramount have an entrance yard where the Paramount cinema is, the gates and the iconic Forrest Gump bench. Tom Hanks apparently used to sit there giving out chocolates to the crew.
It’s believed that if you touch the gates whilst entering the studios you’ll get into show business.
We saw the main courtyard where all the directors, actors and producers would have and still do work.
Ever wondered what the stars symbolise on the Paramount opening? Well, each one represents an actor they had on contract, thus coining the term ‘movie star’.
We saw the god-of-all-film’s office, Alfred Hitchcock! When filming ‘The Rear Window’ he was limited with how high he could build the set so… naturally he dug down into the floor without anyone in the studios realising!
Paramount is the only studio in Hollywood where you get a good view of the Hollywood sign.
We were invited to look around a smaller props warehouse, where we got to play on several sets.
Afterwards we had a look at an active stage and looked at several others. (For obvious reasons we weren’t allowed to take photos.)

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