Yosemite Part Three.

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After walking down from Dog Lake, we decided to venture into Tuolumne Meadows, the meadows alone are 8,700ft above sea level making it difficult to get to in winter due to the snow, it’s sometimes even closed during winter months.IMG_1468

It’s absolutely beautiful, you can almost imagine this being the set to Hobbiton if they hadn’t chosen to use New Zealand. 20170908_164529

As we were walking along in the peaceful silence we started to hear bubbles from the natural Soda Springs.

There were signs stating that you could drink the water claiming it was clean, it also mentioned that they couldn’t be held accountable for what wildlife did in there, but… when in Yosemite! We cupped the water in our hands expecting it to taste just like regular water, but no! It tastes just like soda you’d buy from a shop. It was lovely, refreshing and sweet.


There was also a beautiful river with its own little springs dotted at the sides aptly named the Tuolumne River. We even saw deer grazing on the embankment.

On the way back to the hotel we came across Olmstead Point, which is home to a lone tree growing out of a crack in the rock, it certainly knew where to plant itself- just look at that stunning view of Yosemite.


On our last day in Yosemite we decided to go on a refreshing hike on The Mist Trail up to Vernal Fall. The closer you got to the waterfall, the more soaked you became.


Vernal Fall is an outstanding roaring waterfall standing around 317ft tall, casting a beautiful rainbow on its way down to the ground.


People started going off the trail so they could get closer to really get drenched… Yes I’m guilty of being one of those people.


Once you think you’re finally at the top you’re greatly mistaken! There’s then a narrow footpath to conquer to get to the very top with only enough room for one person at a time, but its more than worth it. The views at the top and looking down on the waterfall are incredible.




I’m lucky enough to travel to these wonderful places with such an brilliant and ambitious man with a travel hungry and fun soul. He takes a lot of the images that I use for these travel posts, along with a few of my own, so a really big thank you to him.


Once we braved the trip back down to the bottom, we wanted to take one last look at Tunnel View. We went in the morning, but because of all of the fires you couldn’t really see much for smoke and mist, it did however make for a very eerie image. See the before and after images below.



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