LondonEdge SS18

On Sunday I went to my very first trade show- LondonEdge.
I didn’t really know what to expect from it, but it was certainly a very enjoyable day out. I traveled up with Retro Diva on the train bright and early in the morning.
I wore my Hell Bunny Top with a handmade vintage skirt that I brought from Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair and a hair flower from Pin-up and Pearl.
As we handed over our tickets we were given lanyards with our names on and what we do. I think I’m going to have to hang mine up somewhere, it’s one of the first few events I’ve been to as a blogger/influencer.
We arrived about an hour after the show had opened and a catwalk show was already in full swing featuring all my favourite brands such as Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen and Collectif.

We had a walk around to see what we could find and within the first sweep we saw incredible designs and found some fantastic new brands.
The first person I spoke to was from Fatale Cosmetics (launching in summer 2018). They had three lipsticks on display all of which I fell in love with. They were packed so beautifully in classic gold casing that gave a very satisfying click!
We went to see the second catwalk and I saw Sam Elson (Blossom & Buttercup) with Miss Lillian Love, I had to take the opportunity to ask for a photo. They looked amazing, Miss Lillian Love was dressed in an exquisite British Retro dress with a beautiful hat to give the look that je ne sais quo. Sam Elson was representing Hearts and Roses beautifully. They were both really lovely down to earth women.
I then had a heart racing moment as I saw Miss Victory Violet on the stairs! Again I asked for a photo (because that’s all I could say!) She stopped and introduced herself, posed for a photo graciously and had a quick conversation about who I was and explaining Retro Diva style to her. Such a class act!
We kept looking around stalls and found all sorts of beautiful creations. The Seamstress of Bloomsbury was one stand that really caught our eye, the designs were beautiful and such high quality. I really loved where they pulled their inspiration from.
I then bumped into Chloe Kerley (Enchantressity) and had a photo with her too! All of the influencers were so great to talk to and seemed genuinely interested in having a conversation with you.
I came across Crime City Clothing, the style wasn’t something that I personally would go for, however I really loved that fact that each and every one of their items told a story of either friends or family. I was impressed when the woman at the stall (Evelyn) told me the actual stories too!
I’d never heard of Victory Parade Collection before, but now they’re a new firm favourite! I couldn’t stop looking at this amazing playsuit! I really need it. Especially because daffodils are my absolute favourite flower.
Again, this was a brand that put a lot of work into their pieces, the fabric felt durable, breathable and comfortable whilst having a beautiful array of prints.
Other brands I’m going to keep a close eye on are Retrospec’d with their stunning dresses and La Veintinueve’s footwear that actually felt comfortable!


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