Visiting The Burlesque Hall Of Fame

No trip to Vegas is complete without a visit to the Burlesque Hall of Fame.
On the way to Las Vegas we tried finding the original goat farm in Helendale. We looked a little bit crazy driving up and down Wild Road in the dark, but the thought we were on the same road that all these brilliant performers had travelled on thrilled me anyway. We didn’t find it, but I’m pretty certain we passed it a few times.
The day arrived and I made sure my lipstick was perfect, unfortunately I got all excited and ended up looking pretty stupid in photos. We parked up near Fremont street and went to find the museum.
I spotted the heavily rhinestone encrusted sign a mile away! (Showgirl eyesight)
Once inside I got far too excited, taking photos of absolutely anything and everything. I’d been around it once on my own and learnt quite a bit, but I thought I’d summon the courage and ask for a mini tour. The girl behind the counter was more than happy to show me around and go into detail, even attracting more people to join our tour.
The original museum in Helendale, CA was started by Jennie Lee (The Bazoom Girl) as a retirement home for performers, their one and only resident was Mitzi Sinclair in 2002. After Jennie’s death in 1990 Dixie Evans took over (The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque) she started the ‘Miss Exotic Pagent’ in 1991 to gain more awareness. Sadly in 2005 the old goat farm was threatened and eventually closed in 2006. The Burlesque Hall Of Fame found a new home in Las Vegas in 2010. Dixie passed away in 2013, and left the museum in the capable hands of 11 directors, one of which being Dita Von Teese.
Even though the museum is small, its packed with so much. Gypsy Rose Lee’s touring trunk is in the back room, and that thing is huge!
All over the walls there’s a timeline starting around 1860 and ending near present day accompanied by featured photos.
At the end of the tour I really wanted to buy some souvenir’s, initially I wanted to budget myself, but that went right out of the window! I bought a tote bag, tank top, postcards and almost a book.
The woman on the counter that day was brilliant, she was really bubbly and you could tell she had such a huge passion for burlesque too. She made the visit even more enjoyable.
If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, this is a must!

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