Dita Von Teese London Palladium

I cannot get over how utterly brilliant Dita Von Teese was! 
We went to see her at the Palladium in London on 26/10/18. 
The show opened with Jonny McGovern introducing the show and getting the crowd all worked up, he was absolutely hilarious! Each and every time he came on stage he made the audience roar with laughter. 

The first act was announced and the curtains opened to Dita herself accompanied by her Vontourage and her trademark champagne glass. That was it, the entire audience started clapping and screaming! The atmosphere was electric! Through screaming I almost wanted to cry with happiness. 
I’ve looked up to Dita for over a decade, looked to her as a fashion icon, a glamour icon, class and old Hollywood icon but above all burlesque icon. Her work has inspired me so much, so seeing her was such a big moment for me. 
We were also treated to an amazing act by Ginger Valentine using a huge heart shaped prop. 
Gia Genevieve got the audience soaking with her seductive bathtub routine. Zelia Rose’ act was an amazing energetic reincarnation of a Josephine Baker in the 20’s, even down to the Banana skirt. 
Jett Adore’s Zorrow act had everyone captivated. 
Dirty Martini performed a fantastic act that got the whole place moving and afterwards showed us all a few of her tasseling tricks, all of which made the audience go wild! 
All four of Dita’s acts made the house come alive. There was so much energy in that room. 
I was in total awe of everyone’s outfits for the night, everybody looked so glamorous and elegant. I wore the Retro Diva Marilyn Dress.
We decided to grab a quick bite and then head back to the hotel. 
Our Hotel was right next to the Stage door, as we were walking past the utterly gorgeous Gia Genevieve was outside so of course I asked for a quick picture and a small conversation, then Jonny McGovern came out of the door! Naturally I asked if I could take a picture. They were both so lovely and obliging. The same grace and presence on stage as well as off it. 
We went back to the hotel absolutely buzzing.
I’m now currently nursing a soar throat from all the fan girling screams, but it was more than worth it. 
Dita Von Teese’s Art of the Teese is a 5 star must see show and I’m so glad I got to see it! 

Glamour personified. 

I’ve come back from the show with a new found love for my body. The show had all sorts of body types and each and every one of them just oozed sex appeal. Everybody can be glamorous and embrace their femininity.

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