The Eighth Wonder Of the World.

I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible and powerful Niagara Falls is!
Our hotel room looked right over the panoramic view of both falls, it was spectacular to walk into the room with a huge window overlooking it.
One of my favourite facts about Niagara Falls is that the first person to ever attempt to go over the falls was a woman called Annie Edson Taylor. On October 24th 1901 (her birthday!) she got in a barrel and was cast off from the American side of the falls. She survived to tell the tale, however swore she would never attempt it again. Many have tried to follow in Annie’s footsteps, but not many were lucky enough to survive the 51 meter drop!
On the second day we went on the Hornblower, we got absolutely drenched! I loved it, being so close to all of the power and hearing the roar of the falls come crashing down was just amazing!
You can also go behind the falls! There are a few corridors behind the Canadian Horseshoe falls for you to walk through that also takes you right to the very bottom of the falls.
Niagara Falls also puts on a brilliant show at night, not only are they all lit up with different colours, they have fireworks every night. Niagara itself is a town bustling with activity, there’s even an amusement park with a flaming volcano!
I’d also highly recommend a meal at the revolving restaurant at the Skylon Tower, its beautiful to watch the sun set over the town and pass by the falls.

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