Yosemite Part Two.

Read Part One here.

In the morning we drove up to Tenaya Lake which looks absolutely perfect. I know, I keep saying that the waters in Yosemite are incredibly clear, I’m only use to the murky lakes of the Staffordshire Moorlands so absolutely clear glacier water is something of a novelty.



We carried on driving up Tioga Road and eventually snow started to appear on the tops of the mountains.


We found a trail that led to both Dog Lake and Lembert Dome. We wanted to do both so we went for Lembert Dome first which turned out to be one of the steeper hikes we’ve been on!

On the way up we were the only ones hiking, all of a sudden we started to hear a loud creek! We looked up to see a large tree swaying followed by tremendous crunch as it started to fall, it landed with a thunderous boom about 20 feet away from us. We couldn’t believe it, we were the only ones to both hear and see it.

We carried on climbing to 8,500 feet to the very top of Lembert Dome which offered a spectacular panoramic view of Yosemite, after you’ve caught your breath of course.



Next was Dog Lake, which thankfully isn’t as steep as the Lembert Trail.


We started walking in a fairytale-like woodland full of old crooked trees carpeted in rich green grass, after a short while we walked through the opening to Dog Lake itself which is yet another famous Yosemite location, we were surrounded by beautiful blue dragonflies as they were dancing on the lake.



Part Three coming soon…

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