Yosemite Part One.

We went through the Arch Rock entrance on the north side which as the name suggests; means you have to go under what seems like an enchanted gate to get into the park itself.


After a short drive, the colossal monolith El Capitan came into view! El Capitan is an incredible landmark- it’s the largest sheer face of granite in the world and stands an insane 3,000ft tall (900 m) over the Yosemite Valley, it’s incredibly popular with climbers.


The valley is enclosed in between El Capitan and Half Dome, making you feel even smaller as you take hikes around picturesque Yosemite. These photos were taken before the rockfall in 2017.


To the left of El Capitan is Bridalveil Falls which in itself is impressive until you meet its sister Yosemite Falls. We walked up to Yosemite Falls and dipped our toes in the glacier water, the waterfall drops a magnificent 2,425ft from the very top into a large cool pool at the bottom, which makes it the tallest falls in North America. I didn’t manage to go the whole way up the lower falls but even the bottom is spectacular.




The wildlife around Yosemite is very docile (except of course the bears and mountain lions!), we saw several deer and got exceptionally close to one a few. The squirrels have no qualms with making friends especially around the picnic tables!



Yosemite is such a picturesque place, I know I keep saying this about the National Parks but everything is that perfect it hardly seems real.


We had a quick walk up to Bridalveil Falls before leaving for the hotel room.


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4 thoughts on “Yosemite Part One.

  1. Yosemite is gorgeous. I’ve been planning my dream trip to do a road trip of all the national parks in that area of the country and I’m hoping it will happen soon! Fabulous pictures.


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