Kings Canyon

We drove down out of Sequoia for some time, as we were driving magnificent views would unfold before us through the winding roads and mountains.

The mountains started to get a little scary, you felt like you had to breath in just to fit on the road.




We followed a crystal clear stream down the valley to Grizzly Falls, a small waterfall but even if you stood a good 12 feet from it you’d get soaked!


A little further down the road we came across one of the most fairytale-esque waterfalls I’ve ever seen called The Roaring River Falls flowing into a perfectly clear pool.



We decided to go for another hike around Zumwalt Meadows, this is home to yet another world famous view of the meadows and the John Muir Rock.




On our way out we got caught in a storm, luckily we got to the car by the time it really kicked in. Hearing a storm in a valley is scary too! You suddenly become very aware that loud noises can make the earth shift.

Kings Canyon is a beautiful place, home to giants of all kinds both rock and tree. It offers breathtaking views as well as the entertainment of watching squirrels leap from rock to rock, people jumping into the freezing cold river, and enjoying being closer to nature in-between the long grass.

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