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Retro Diva

To mark the end of 2017 and welcome in 2018, I wanted to share one of the big things that happened to me this year.

I feel truly honoured to be able to work with Retro Diva, and to have my name on her business cards as ‘Inspired by Mina Von Vixen and a host of Hollywood Legends’ it’s a dream come true.

Back in February this year Sue (Retro Diva) contacted me explaining that she wanted to start a whole new line of vintage inspired clothing for the women out there who desire quality and sublime clothing in their wardrobe, she wanted to create timeless pieces not dictated by the fashion police. So we met up and discussed ideas, I think it’s fair to say that we both came away from that initial meeting brimming with excitement.

After several meetings and conversations via facebook and email as well as creating so, so many pin boards we decided that the first item of clothing we we’re going to work on together was an old Hollywood style sheer robe. The type 40’s femme fatales would wear to faint onto a couch.

Sue went away and sourced so many materials and trimmings, I love it when she comes to my apartment with bundles of fabrics! Her attention to detail is second to none and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-515

The Boudoir Gown was born. It felt so glamorous, luxurious and just to die for. It’s lightweight and comfortable, even the length is perfect. I loved swooshing around everywhere to get the dramatic flick at the end of the train.



Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-324

Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-394.jpg

Next was the ball gown, something I’d been dying for for years. It’s loosely inspired by Dita Von Teese’s performing gown. Sue started by looking for flesh toned fabrics that matched my own and beautiful lace. I couldn’t believe how quickly she had made it, and the quality of it was superb! I donated a corset to the overall look which Sue then decorated and embellished herself.

Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-749

The Ballgown fit like a glove, hugging in all the right places and adding a dramatic and seductive flare to any wardrobe. It’s elegant, demure, and just perfect. Even the cut at the back added a sexy but classic touch to the design.

Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-610.jpg

In November we had the first Retro Diva photo shoot with Amanda Elwell Photography. The all-woman team worked hard together to create brilliant images for Retro Diva.

Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-594

I’m so incredibly excited about this adventure and really, really can’t wait to see what designs 2018 will bring.

Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-603

Hair & Make-Up – Me

Dress and Boudoir Gown – Retro Diva

Bra, Stockings, Suspender Belt & Underwear – What Katie Did

Accessories – Vintage

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