Performing at the Crewe Steampunk Festival.

On 27th May I was invited to perform at the Steampunk festival in Crewe.

(Watch the video here.)

After an hour and a half bus journey I got off the bus totally bewildered, I’ve never really spent much time in Crewe, and it was odd to see my name on posters in several shop windows, but great at the same time!
I found the venue and met all the performers; Raven Noir, Cinderella Steps, Seedy Frills and Siouxsie Roux. I’ve met Raven before (she’s even performed in some of my shows) so it was great to catch up with her, I’d never met the other performers but they were such a lovely bunch of people, along with the producer Jezebel Steele, everybody was sharing tips and there was a real sense of sisterhood backstage.
After my first performance I came off stage feeling great, I haven’t performed for a few months due to my personal life taking a huge priority.

Image by Linden Adams

I tried to watch all the acts and they were fabulous! Seedy Frills was a hilarious cheesecake pinup performer and I couldn’t contain myself! Raven owned the stage as always, Cinderella Steps had two creepy acts that looked great and the regal Siouxsie Roux performed her ‘like a virgin’ act and a brilliant femme fatale one too.
My second act was an old favourite of mine ‘I put a spell on you’. The audience was so lovely and so loud, they were a pleasure to perform for.
Image by Linden Adams

I even got talking to one guy from Arizona about his camping trip in Death Valley, so of course I shared my DV story.
Everybody was dressed to impress, some even put the performers to shame. A very big well done to Jezebel Steele for the night, I really enjoyed it.
Image by Linden Adams.

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