Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

On Sunday 28th May Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair came to Stoke, so of course I was all over it.
As soon as I walked through the doors there were gorgeous stalls all over the main hall, all of which holding amazing clothing and accessories.
They had Rose Devine singing old songs and she sung them beautifully, I may actually have to get her album.
The stage was converted into a tearoom with vintage cups and saucers and a multitude of cake!

tilly 55 o
Image by  Micheal Szabo

All the stall holders we’re really friendly and it was such a lovely and exciting atmosphere, it’s a wonderful feeling when you’re in a room filled with like-minded people.
I’d pre-booked myself in to get my hair done with Pin Up Curl at the event, and I’m so glad I did, she was such a nice woman and she really knows her stuff when it comes to hair. I had no idea how I’d like my hair to be done when I sat in the chair, but after seeing her portfolio I swiftly came to a decision.
tilly 55 k
Image by Micheal Szabo

tilly 55 n
Image by  Micheal Szabo

After looking around I decided to buy a pair of perfect (as though they were actually made for my face) cat-eye sunglasses, a ‘The Mummy’ poster cushion that fits perfectly in our vintage movie poster apartment, Paramount stockings and I was gifted a gorgeous vintage Triumph suspender belt that fits like a glove!
Of course, with all these new purchases and my hair looking fantastic I had a mini shoot with Micheal Szabo and Jude Pixie Poole outside the hall and back at my place. (See the results below, also keep an eye on my Facebook page for the full set!)
Image by Jude Pixie Poole

Image by Jude Pixie Poole 

tilly 20
Image by  Micheal Szabo

tilly 86 y
Image by  Micheal Szabo

tilly 70 m
Image by  Micheal Szabo

I totally loved my first Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair and I can’t wait for the next one!

Bra - Victoria's Secret.  Stockings - Agent Provocateur.    Heels - Faith.    Suspender Belt - Triumph.    Skirt - Lindy Bop.  Jewellery - Vintage.    Handbag - Fiorelli.    Shoes - Zaxy.    Hair - Directions Lagoon Blue.

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