Modelling Workshop from Both Sides of the Camera.

June 7th 2017 - Project 365
Explaining how to not pose! Photo by Richard Amor Allan.

On the 7th June I hosted my very first workshop called “Modelling Workshop from Both Sides of the Camera” and it went down a storm.
I was so pleased to see so many people turn up to hear what I had to say, take notes and put what they had learnt into practice.

“I like how you’ve covered everything in terms of keeping a port and the ‘attitude’ to communication.” – Chris Martin.

As well as sharing my own tips, people volunteered to share a tip or two of their own, as well as asking some brilliant questions.
The workshop covered a multitude of areas, online behaviour, posing, directing a model, how to make social media work for you, activities, posing tips, credits and a lot more.

“I took a piece of your advice and started to use hashtags on Instagram, and I’m getting more likes than before, so thank you!” – Richard Amor Allan.

Everybody seemed to love the practical activities. In one I asked two photographers to sit facing each other and convey and emotion entirely through facial expressions, that really was hilarious!
The other was on set, so photographers could photograph the wonderful Rose and direct her with the tips I had just shared, they all did really well.

“Really enjoyed your talk last night, found your points very interesting. Thank you, it’s sparked an interest in the modelling side of photography for me!” – Rob Millar.

Model – Rose Photographer – Richard Amor Allan.

“I think you were brilliant, so much info packed into your presentation. Comprehensive content, well researched and professionally delivered. I was really proud to be in your audience.” – Jas Pardesi.

Model – Rose    Photographer – David Gibson.

Overall the evening was immense fun, informative and another great way to meet more creative people.

 “You obviously put a lot of work into it and was very interesting. Lots of food for thought.” – Steve Evans.

Don’t worry if you think you’ve missed your chance, I have another workshop in July. Click here to reserve your space. 


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