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Dressing vintage can be so versatile, from making your own clothes to finding some real treasures on eBay. Styling vintage however can be quite difficult to start with.
I started dressing vintage when I was about 17 or 18 by wearing Lindy Bop dresses and searching for anything Rockabilly on eBay. It took a little while to get used to, especially with there being so many styles from different decades and feeling as though you can only dress from one decade. It’s difficult at the start when you buy a skirt or a top and have no idea what to match it with.
I love mixing all decades, So hopefully this small overview may help.


Personally, my favourite is a pencil skirt or otherwise known as a wiggle skirt. This skirt is cut to be slim fitting and complimentary to any curves. The Pencil skirt was first introduced to the world in 1954 by Christian Dior’s autumn/winter collection. Traditionally cut just below the knee.


I’m not going to lie – you can pick up some really good cardigans from Primark for next to nothing and they achieve a great look if you’re opting for single colours. If you want something a little more extravagant, its worth paying the extra money for and its a worthwhile investment as you can team a cardigan up with pretty much anything.


Tops are something I struggled with for a while as I feel much more myself in a dress, but you can get some absolutely stunning tops online. 3/4 length sleeves, capped sleeves and batwing sleeves tend to be my favourites as they tend to flow with the rest of the outfit. Sheer materials are an absolute god send, they’re light, breathable and tend to follow vintage styles. You’ll also find that peasant tops work beautifully with circle skirts. At the moment I really love sheer tops that I can tie in a knot.  Something as simple as a blouse can be very effective.


They’ve been around since the dawn of time. If you’re looking for something specifically 1930’s to 1950’s then you could try ones that just drop below the knee regardless of the style. You can go for something soft and feminine like a lovely flowing skirt, or something sultry and demure like a wiggle dress. I adore both.


Besides protecting your hands from the sun, harsh winter conditions or a potentially harmful task, gloves can be the perfect accessory to an outfit. I love teaming a wiggle dress up with a pair of faux leather elbow length gloves.


I adore brooches and big sparkly necklaces. Whilst the necklaces are mainly reserved for a dramatic outfit, I love playing with brooches. You can use them to attract or distract attention from other areas too. Plus theres no such thing as having a brooch thats too big. I tend to go for antique ones, but theres some fabulous enamel designs popping up. I’m also fond of statement earrings, huge sparkly draping earrings that attract attention from miles away.


I always go for a hat with an offensively wide brim and I’m still on the hunt for one that can fill an entire room. Hat’s are another versatile accessory in vintage styling. They can quite literally be the cherry on top of a perfect outfit.


The bigger the better again! But be careful – we still want to see your face. Cat eye is a classic vintage shape, but so are big bold ovals. This accessory is all down to your face shape so its worth flirting with different shapes and styles.


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