Pin Up Progression.

I started modelling when I was 13 years old. Back then I was a real super goth, totally immersed in victorian attire with no aspirations of ever wanting to wear any bright colours.

14 years old. Image by Richard Egan Photography.

Now I’m a total contrast! I’m really into pink and whites at the moment, have my hair dyed blue and my nails are more often than not fire engine red. Granted I’m still living in the past with my attire; but its just more fun that way. Iv’e gone from dark and romantic to welcoming a plethora of colours.
16 years old. Image by Gaslight Picture Works.

However goth really isn’t something to be knocked. By the time we’re in our mid-teens we’ve already got an extensive wardrobe of corsets and ungodly heels which also comes with a knowledge of period clothing. We’ve also conquered the eyeliner situation and cat eyes fairly early on too. (If you ever need eyeliner advice, come to a retired or still practicing goth.)
I still have the staple dark pieces in my wardrobe. The aforementioned corsets and heels will always have a soft spot in my heart, as well as a classic little black dress and long fishtail skirts.
I dabbled with pin up and vintage style when I was about 16, and once I felt confident enough I decided to take it for a spin on a photoshoot. Take a look at the results below:
16 years old. All images by Michael Szabo Photography.

Back then I was still a little uncomfortable and finding my feet, but I was determined to make this work!
By the time I was 18 I was totally in love with pin up style. I’d learnt where to source true vintage and vintage reproduction clothing from (although I’m still learning today) and started to perform burlesque, taking all my vintage and pin up inspiration from the glamorous golden age Hollywood actresses adorned in diamonds and crystals.
Image by Micheal Szabo photography.

Backstage snapshot just about to go and perform for the first time ever!

Fast forwarding a few years to the present day. I always incorporate vintage into whatever I’m wearing, no matter how much or little. It’s become such a big part of me, it’s elevated my confidence endlessly, it has made me feel more feminine and in touch with myself.
I’m a firm believer in doing what feels right for you and listening to your body and mind, when something feels right – roll with it! It can only lead to great and beautiful things and in my case – a wardrobe and style to be proud of.
tilly 70 m
Image by Mick Szabo photography

mina 5
Louise Shaw Photography

Andy Boyle Photography

Emilia Gaza Photography

Mick Szabo Photography May 2017
Mick Szabo Photography

Amanda Elwell Photography November
Amanda Elwell Photography

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4 thoughts on “Pin Up Progression.

  1. I am so proud of watching you grow from a girl when I first got to know you on FB to an amazing confident you woman who has a bright future ahead of her and I know will go on from strength to strength

  2. Amazing Mina, I am one of your biggest fans. So lovely to see these images of your progression. I am looking forward to working with you again early next year 2019

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