Where to Buy Vintage.

Following my previous blog post about how to style vintage, I thought I’d put something together to help people find places to source genuine vintage items. There’s no better feeling than having someone compliment your clothing or jewellery and replying “Thanks- it’s vintage”. If you have any alternative methods – please feel free to share.
Not only does dressing vintage make you feel good, it also helps the planet. An inordinate amount of clothing ends up in landfill. Always make sure you either donate, sell or reuse your unwanted clothing.

Vintage Fairs. 

I love vintage fairs! There are several that travel all over England and indeed- all over the world. You can find brilliant treasures there and they’re always one of a kind. My personal favourite it Lou Lous Vintage Fair, this fair travels all around Britain and always has something new and exciting to offer. You can find your local vintage fairs on Facebook.

Lou Lous Vintage Fair
Outside Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair. Image by Andy Boyle.

Dedicated Shops.

I live in a fairly industrial city so vintage shops are very few and far between. I am lucky enough to be less than a mile away from a church dedicated to vintage items. The owners bought the church and turned it into an incredible eccentric vintage haven where you can sit and have tea or just shop to your hearts content. My home town of Leek is filled with vintage shops and quaint little eateries.

6 Towns Antiques & Vintage Emporium. Image by me.

Charity Shops.

I can’t stand it when people turn their noses up at charity shops. You can find amazing vintage treasures in there if you look closely enough. I’ve bought countless dresses, jewellery, coats and sometimes shoes from local charity shops. Don’t forget to donate occasionally too.


You can’t beat the thrill of finding a genuine vintage dress on ebay and then getting into a bidding war at the last second. Try to narrow down your searches to particular items, you know you want. Use the filters too, if you type vintage into the search bar click the filters ‘women’s/mens clothing’ then you should find the option for vintage, from there you can narrow it down to decade or reproduction or genuine vintage.
The only down side – you really have to put some thought into your key search.
I found a beautiful 60’s wiggle dress a couple of years ago in immaculate condition.

60’s eBay find. 

Car Boot Sales.

Although this is something I’m not totally wild about, I have found some great things at car boot sales. The only reason I’m not there every weekend is because you really have to pick and choose your location for a car boot sale. The ones around me at the moment aren’t particularly great, but ones further afield offer much more. I’m really excited about going to the Santa Monica Flea Market at some point in the future, it looks like you can find beautiful things there.


I’ve shopped on Etsy before but mainly for handmade items. I’ve looked on there in the past for vintage dresses, I’ve found them to be a little out of my price range at times, the reason for this is the level of care the seller has put into repairing, caring and sourcing the items. Sometimes its worth splurging!

Facebook & Instagram.

There are some great facebook groups and Instagram pages out there that find and sell vintage clothing for men and women. The most famous one being Butch Wax Vintage.

I hope this little sample of tips and tricks helps, feel free to comment. 

Header Image by Andy Boyle.

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