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This year I hit the big one zero, ten years of modelling!
I started at age 13 for a local shop in Leek called Broomsticks, the shop was dedicated to gothy, tarot and witchy things and I frequented there often.
I’d quite like to mark the occasion by sharing some tips and information I’ve learnt along the way for aspiring models and people just starting out.

Time Keeping.

This is so important! I hear of so many models turning up late for shoots without any communication with the photographer. Stay on time ladies and gentlemen, or better yet arrive early to the shoot.


This is a point that both parties are very guilty of, always credit your photographer/model! It’s a great way for both of you to get more shoots and models, plus you’re proud of your work right?! Put everyone’s name to it.


Keep in contact with the photographer both before and after your shoot and don’t expect images right away, photographers may be able to work their magic but they can’t bend time and space. Some photographers can take up to a month to get images back to you. Ensure you both know what you’d like from the shoot, get a pin board going if needs be. Contact is key – no contact = poor/no shoot!


Make sure you state which levels you are comfortable with.

example: clothed, underwear, implied nude, nude etc.


Take time to make sure everything is ironed, clean and ready to go. Ensure you’re happy and confident with your hair and make-up. Keep hydrated! After a while those lights get hot!

Body Shapes and Eyes.

Ever heard of smiling with your eyes? Try it, the rest of the face will follow accordingly. When posing, see how many different shapes you can make with your body. The photographer will always offer direction and feedback if you’re unsure.


Respect each other’s creative flare and the time taken to do this shoot.

Above All!

Stay grounded, and stay safe.

Always check out the photographer and ensure they’re genuine, check models feedback on their page too.

Stay grounded and stay humble. Stay polite, friendly, and ever professional.

Mina Von Vixen February 2017-264
2017 Image By Amanda Elswell Photography

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