Breaking Down in Death Valley

Well, now I know how it got it’s name! We broke down in the midday heat in Death Valley – Perfect!
We woke up in Ridgecrest and we were both amazed by the heat there. We quickly got in the car, put the air conditioning on and went on our way.

134 degrees Fahrenheit about 30 minuets before we broke down.

About an hour into driving the scenery was amazing, I was snapping photos left, right and centre. We decided to go and see some ghost towns and they were so incredibly creepy.
Earlier that morning I’d picked up the map and guide to Death Valley, inside were tales of how people hundreds of years ago died or only just survived trying to get through it, so… totally keeping my mind at ease.
After visiting one ghost town we drove down one of the main roads and suddenly POP THUD THUD THUD! No… no no no no no…. Yes the tire had popped and we were stuck.
I suffer from asthma, so my lungs were used to the conditioned air of the car but to avoid even more car problems we decided to switch everything off. In my great wisdom I decided to step out of the car, oh… my… god… I’d never experienced heat like it!
I tried walking around the car to inspect the damage and sat back in. Yep, that did it, my breathing was totally off, I started hyperventilating and every breath stung my chest, it felt like my lungs were on fire. My boyfriend was trying his best to keep my breathing normal, and distracted me by telling me different stories and that we would be okay.
2 Hours later: The tow truck appeared like some affirmation from heaven, a few people had stopped to make sure we were okay and that someone was on their way to us, but the tow truck was the best sight ever at that point. I was quickly piled out of the car, into the searing heat and into the ice cold truck. Bliss! The driver even offered me some cold water too. I eventually got my breath back and had to stop myself from stripping out of my hot clothes.
We were taken 80 miles out of the Valley to get the tires replaced, once we were safe we we’re sent on our way to tackle the Valley for a second time.
20160728_192402We couldn’t help but laugh after the whole ordeal, it was insane.
We went on to see Furnace Creek, Badwater Basin, and one beautiful storm lighting up the far end of the Valley at midnight before heading out to Las Vegas, but the whole time I was on pins, when will the next tire go?
Luckily all was fine and we arrived in Vegas looking a bit traumatised.
Badwater Basin.

It’s a life experience, and looking back on it yes it was funny, but being there in that heat and being stuck really is quite scary.

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