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Preloved Vintage Kilo Event.

I’ve never been to one of these events before, but I knew I had to be prepared!

I arrived early and managed to be first in line, once in the main hall there were racks and racks of vintage clothing to be searched through.


The atmosphere was really nice, with 80’s ballads playing in the background. I picked up a couple of dresses but unfortunately when I tried them on they didn’t flatter my figure so much.

Also, another unfortunate thing was the clothing didn’t really suit my type of vintage style, it was mainly 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I did see a few people walking around absolutely rocking the look though.

2I decided to spend my money at the jewellery stall, I bought a stunning 50’s broach, a nice dress ring, and the most gorgeous set of earrings!


After perusing shiny things, I went on for one last hopeful search for something more my style, I eventually found a peacock coloured scarf and a (I think 80’s) sheer bolero.


I bumped into a couple of friends there too, so afterwards we went for a quick bite to eat and went for an impromptu photo shoot with my new buys in a gorgeous location.

Image by Pixie Poole 


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