Hollywood Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

What’s up Doc?

I really loved all of the studio tours California had to offer, and I especially loved this one since I’m such a huge fan of Friends, Lord of the Rings, and well who doesn’t love Bugs Bunny?!


When we arrived we were shown a quick introduction video as well as a brief history of the studio. Then we ventured out with our tour guide onto the lot.

First we saw the Gellers house (where Ross offers to take Rachel to the prom) and the famous Warner Brothers water tower.



There were exhibits dedicated to Suicide Squad and Harry Potter, the sorting hat placed me in Hufflepuff.



We saw another two icons of the lot: the friends stage and the stage they use at the beginning of every WB film.


There was a stage dedicated to Batmobiles, the ones they used in the films no less!


We saw some of the locations in La La Land. (Which I think we all know is quite possibly my favourite film of all time, closely followed my all the Middle Earth films.)




Then I totally freaked out CENTRAL PERK!!! I loved it! The whole set was there, it wasn’t the original sofa but I was on the set.


I got to see how it feels to be a hobbit and I rode a broom.



A real Oscar!

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