Toronto Island.

We boarded the ferry first thing in the morning. Whilst traveling across the lake you can see the brilliant skyline of Toronto behind you.


The island was beautiful! Rich green grass everywhere and a haven away from the busy city. 

We walked around the entire island and found boat hires, disc golf courses (whatever that may be) great little coffee shops and even a home for the elderly, it must be gorgeous to retire and move out there. 


We grabbed a drink in a coffee shop called The Island Cafe; it had a real vintage chilled out vibe, everything they served was picked fresh out of their own garden and it tasted lush- you can’t get much better than that! 

We walked along the boardwalk beside the lake to see ships and yachts, we headed onwards to the pier. Right at the end of the pier you can look back at the CN tower through the trees. 


A little later on we found signs for a clothing optional beach- well curiosity got me and we had to go! We kept all our clothes on as not many chose to bare all, otherwise I’d have lived in the moment and just gone for it. 

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