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Miss Candyfloss Rufina Swing Dress Review.

Earlier in the year I went on a photoshoot with my brand new Miss Candyfloss dress and I’m kinda obsessed!

I first saw the dress at London Edge in February and fell totally in love with it. By the time my birthday came around, the dress was finally mine!

The main part of the dress is made from a corduroy material, but surprisingly it’s not heavy or rough at all! Its very soft and incredibly comfortable. The rose print is so cute and not overpowering at all, sometimes floral prints can hide the person wearing them, this dress has balanced that out perfectly.


The Miss Candyfloss website described the inspiration for this dress to be picnics in the park. So its no wonder Richard Amor Allen and myself decided the perfect location for this dress would be Buxton Park and Opera House.


The moment I put this dress on, I felt like a princess. It fits like a glove! Not too tight and not too baggy, it just sits so perfectly on the bust, hips and waist.

The dress is such an elegant length – giving it a truly classical vintage feel.

The bust of the dress is pleated thus creating the illusion of a bigger bust no matter what size you are. Its a beautiful example of attention to detail.


Despite the corduroy material, the dress is lightweight and breathable making it perfect for any summer activity outdoors.

I’m so excited by the new range they have brought out – time to save the pennies!

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This was an unpaid post, I believe in supporting great work.

All photography and video by Richard Amor Allen 

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