CN Tower

On our first day in Canada we planned to go to the CN tower. fullsizeoutput_1801.jpeg
I had no idea that it was actually the tallest free standing structure in the world until it was beat in 2007. It’s a staggering 1136ft high on the observation deck, but for an additional $15 you can go even further up to 1465ft high. In Total the CN tower stands at 1815ft.
It’s a great way to get panoramic views of the city, islands and lake. There’s also a couple of places to eat up there as well as the famous 360 degree rotating restaurant. 
You can also stand on the glass floor if you’re that way inclined (and crazy!) I have a fear of heights so I stayed firmly on the actual floor, quite a few people were lying on the glass and some even bouncing on it. Scary stuff! 

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