Universal Studios Hollywood Take 2.

Although it’s the second time we’ve been to Universal studios, it’s the first time we actually got to see the VIP lounge (we arrived late for our tour last year and went straight to the cart) it’s lovely inside filled with art nouveau posters, film stills and costumes. There was music of iconic films playing in the background.

We had our breakfast and then we were out on the tour with guide, Dawn. We went through the back lot, visiting sets from all the classics and more modern films. There’s a fantastic 360° ride where King Kong saves you from a T-rex! The ride was developed by Peter Jackson himself.

I think our favourite part of the lot was the street The Burbs was filmed on. Being big 80’s film fans we almost wanted to get out and hug the pavement!



There’s also the iconic Amity Island home to Jaws…or Bruce.




We saw the War of the Worlds set with a real 747 aeroplane!


After our tour we went for lunch in the Moulin Rouge where we met Lucille Ball.


All throughout the tour our guides Dawn and Bobby couldn’t do enough to help us we really felt VIP, especially getting to the front of all the lines for the rides!


After a fun filled day, we went to Moe’s Tavern and had a flaming Moe and a Duff beer, then we went to see the spectacular Waterworld.



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