Sequoia National Park Part Two.

Read Part One here.
The trail to General Sherman is impressive in itself, you just keep going up and up whilst the views get better and better.
You have to walk for about 10 minuets from the parking lot to see General Sherman down a steep trail and slowly it starts to appear in all his glory.
It really is hard to comprehend just how tall and large the tree actually is. General Sherman stands 84 meters tall with a diameter of 79ft! It’s belived to be around 2,300 – 2,700 years old.
There’s all sorts dotted around the General Sherman tree, the national park has to leave certain trees even if they have fallen over, standing at their base with the roots cut off makes you feel quite small.
It’s a waste to just let these trees fall and not do anything with them, some have little tunnels carved into them, whilst others were used as roads! (See below)
We couldn’t go to Sequoia without visiting the Tunnel Log in our lovely Mustang!
We drove around a little more and came across signs saying ‘Moro Rock Trail‘, it was coming to the end of the day and we thought we’d have enough time for this small trail so we decided to follow the signs. It’s a good job we did!
It was absolutely beautiful at the top!
The walk up was quite scary, there’s sheer drops and narrow crevices within the rock, but oh! The views!
The landscape was that beautiful it brought on a surge of emotions. The air was so clean, the heavy scent of the Sequoias lingered in the light breeze flowing through the mountains.
Here’s the view right at the very top…
We felt on top of the world, and desperately didn’t want to leave.
Unfortunately our bed was calling us and we made our way down to the car to drive to Grant Grove.
Our hotel there was incredible, have a look at the warm and inviting decor of the John Muir Lodge!

Read Part Three next week.


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