I’ve never been abroad in all my 22 years of life. So in July I went to California with the best guy I know, my boyfriend. Most people (from what I’ve been told anyway) decide to go to Ibiza, or somewhere they can read a book on the beach, or just put their feet up in the sun. Oh no, not us!

We had a jam packed couple of weeks in America, and I absolutely loved it!

On the first two days, we went to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. It just so happened to be Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, so the decorations everywhere were amazing. There was this brilliant celebratory atmosphere too!

Once I was through the gates, I turned into a big kid. Everything was so big and exciting.


The first ride we went on was the Indiana Jones one. Well, that wakes you up in the morning! I’m not really one for rides, but that has all changed since coming back! I love them now.

Of course we made a bee-line for all the Star Wars attractions, and went on a few rides.

We saw the parade, and I got far too excited about seeing Mickey Mouse!


Oddly, the ride I was most looking forward to was Pirates of the Caribbean. I’d heard so much about it online, about the skulls, it’s history, and the inspiration for the films. It was so pretty inside, with a fake skyline, you kind of believed you were under a sheet of stars.

No trip to Disneyland is complete without a ride on ‘It’s a Small World’ I can still hear that song so vividly!


The fireworks at the end of the day brought a tear to my eye! I love fireworks anyway, but these were something else. So, so in love.


Next day at Disney California Adventure, I was lulled into a false sense of security and went on ‘The Hollywood Tower Hotel’ (remember, at this point, I’m only just getting used to rides!) I went in, thinking everything looked really cool, then we sat down and it still seemed really cool, we went up, still… really cool… Then we dropped!! Oh my god, not cool, not cool, not cool! Even on the photo I’m hiding my face! So funny afterwards, but for someone who didn’t really like rides, or heights, terrifying! (Although great exposure therapy!)


The whole day was hilarious, and so much fun! We went to see Frozen at the Hyperion theatre, it was such an amazing show. The singing was perfect, Olaf was hilarious. We both came out ridiculously impressed with what they had achieved within one hour, how well timed it was, and the overall production.

We also saw the World Of Colour show. If you don’t have time to see any of the other shows, this one is more than worth queuing up for. I still get so emotional watching the videos back.



I really, really didn’t want to leave. ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ really is a perfect tag line!

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