Universal Studios, Hollywood.

This place is a real must for all film nerds.

We got the VIP tour tickets, which meant we could step out of the tram and actually walk on sets, we got to see the props department and also had a gorgeous meal on a terrace with a stunning view of LA.




As well as seeing some of some of the most iconic buildings in film history.




One very hectic film set from War of The Worlds.


There were also rides in the tour itself. The King Kong experience was really well put together, we were surrounded by the biggest screens I think Iv’e ever seen, suddenly a huge 3D T-Rex (or V-Rex) came to attack us then I heard a roar and Kong came to the rescue playing out an epic battle scene.

After the studio tour and the meal, we had fast pass tickets to all of the in park rides!

I highly recommend the Transformers ride. It was as if  you were actually in the film, and you could reach out and touch the Autobots.

The Jurassic Park ride was hilarious, we both came off absolutely soaking wet from the flume. (Great way to cool down though!)

Hogsmeade was stunning!





The Harry Potter ride was brilliant, although terrifying when it came to the Aragog part.

After a fun packed day, we decided to stroll down the City Walk and have a few drinks in a bar that turned modern music into jazzy covers, so of course I was in my element.

I loved it so much that we’re going again this summer!





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