Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read.

It’s geeky, nerdy, utterly brilliant and has piles of 80’s gaming and film references, even though I’m not an 80’s baby, I understood them all. You can really tell that Ernest Cline was a passionate geek, and still is.
It all starts with Wade Watts playing on a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) called the OASIS created by James Halliday A.K.A Anorak.
Early on in the book Halliday dies and reveals that he has hidden several Easter eggs in the game, the first player to find all of them will win the massive fortune he has left behind, as well as OASIS itself.
In the book, OASIS is used by anyone and everyone, so the hunt for the eggs is on an epic scale with cheats, people desperately scouring the many biome’s OASIS has to offer and one major company, Innovative Online Industries who wants to monetise the entire OASIS world.
Ready Player One is a fantastic cornucopia of retro nerdyness all the clues to the easter eggs either involve D&D, Pacman, Zork, Wargames as well as many more.
As you’re reading you feel the tension of the chase constantly hoping Wade will find them all first. He finds Art3mis, a female player who’s big in the gaming world, of course he falls helplessly in love with her in the game despite never seeing her in person.
I really can’t stress just how fantastic this book is, and I implore everyone to read it.
I’ve also read Armada. (But more on that later.)
I can’t wait for Spielberg’s adaptation of it!

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0 thoughts on “Ready Player One

  1. Right?? It’s like geek heaven 🙂 There was only a few 80s pop culture references I didn’t get at first & when I looked them up I found new things I love!
    I have Armada but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.
    P.S. I love your hair ❤

  2. What do you think of the trailer that just came out of comiccon ? I’m on the fence about it. Like you, I loved the book, but the movie seems to be an entirely different animal.

    1. I can’t wait for it, but obviously there’s the fear that it won’t be as good. However Spielberg is referenced in the book quite a lot so you’d hope he does a fantastic job, even when his reference has gone.

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