Staffordshire & Cheshire Music Awards

I was so excited for last night!

Alter Eden were nominated for awards in a few categories, one of which being for the music video I performed in, Colourless. (Watch it here)

So after being invited by Alter Eden I prepared my best dress, curled my hair and put my heels on. This was a night I didn’t want to miss out on!


Kings Hall in Stoke was the perfect venue, such a gorgeous hall. (If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw all the story photos.)

When the moment came, we all waited with anticipation as they called out the nominees for the best music video. Unfortunately Alter Eden didn’t win this award. John Dhali won with his music video for the track Only One. After watching it, it was very well deserved and he seemed like such a lovely guy on stage and talking to the interviewers. All videos in the category were brilliant!

Then came the Best Rock Act category. The guys from Alter Eden waited patiently for all the nominations to be called out, and we all sat there with our fingers crossed for them. (Apologies for the insanely blurry photo.)


They won!! 


We all went a little bit crazy cheering for them. Very, very well deserved. Well done guys!



It was such an exciting evening, and everyone got very hyper after that.

All in all there were about 600+ people in the room, all showing up to support local music. The event was sponsored by Music Store Pro, and the best rock act was sponsored by Keele SU Entertainments.

So happy for them. Again, well done guys. Check out Alter Eden here.



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