We had no idea that Sacramento was the state capitol of California. Once we checked into our absolutely beautiful hotel (The Citizen) we had a quick walk around the block.
I noticed a gorgeous building down the street and suggested we went to go and find out what it was.
After a short while of looking at the left side of the building we still couldn’t figure out what it was, I then decided to walk around the corner.
Okay, then we figured out what it was! (Forgive us, we didn’t have a great understanding of US government.)
It was late, so we decided to venture back to the hotel and come back in the morning.
In the morning we headed right back to see if we could go inside. To our amazement we actually could, for free too!
They’ve kept a large proportion of the building as a museum, each room had a tour guide in it to explain what that room would have been used for, how everyone worked in there and what their purpose would be.
I even got to step inside a vault!
I would highly recommend taking the full tour of the building, I don’t want to spoil it here but it’s informative and they really don’t mind you asking as many questions as you like.
After that, it was time to head to Napa Valley!

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