Ripleys Aquarium

Pro tip – buy tickets online and you can go right in without and queuing! 

As soon as you walk into the aquarium you’re immediately faced with a floor to ceiling tank full of gorgeous fish, stingray and sharks- it’s brilliant! 


The further in you walk it gets darker so you can see the tanks with glowing jellyfish and corals, they’re mesmerizing to watch. 



The shark tank is particularly spectacular; if you don’t fancy walking then just hop on the conveyor belt and it will take you through the entire underwater tank experience. The underwater arch is nothing like the short ones we have in the UK, I’m pretty sure we spent around 10-20 minuets on the conveyor belt in total awe of the sharks, turtles, stingrays, swordfish among many more. 




There’s great things for kids there too, they can crawl through pipes in the tanks so they can join the fishes for a while. 

There’s even places where you can stroke a stingray. 

I’d 100% recommend this place to people of any age, everyone can enjoy Ripleys Aquarium. 

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