Modelling Workshop From Both Sides of the Camera.

As many of you may know, as well as travelling, modelling and prancing around in my lingerie, I also run workshops for models and photographers.

Image by Click Group Shoots.

I was booked to teach a lovely group of people at Studio 78 in Leicester in March, I also did a mini shoot afterwards. Everyone was very well organised, and incredibly lovely.
My workshop covers a lot of aspects of modelling from pre-shoot communication to uploading the images and crediting. I share a lot of the tips I’ve picked up over the years in hope that people will find them as useful as I have.
Image by Click Group Shoots.

At the workshop everyone is more than welcome to take notes and ask as many questions as they would like to, after all – I’m here to help!
I also try and demonstrate how hard it can be to direct a model giving minimal instruction, theres a lot of models out there who don’t need any direction at all, but when it comes to new models they may need a helping hand, I demonstrated this by putting pieces of paper into a hat with just emotions written on them. Photographers had to sit face to face, pull an emotion out of the hat and guess what the other is trying to emote with just their body and facial expression. It’s a great way to break the ice- and have a giggle too!
Image by Click Group Shoots.

As well as facial expressions I also helped people with hand placements and angles that work well for the body.
Image by Click Group Shoots.

I find teaching these workshops so enjoyable and absolutely love it when people just keep asking questions. Take a look at some of the work that was produced on the day as well as some lovely references. (To see more images, click here.)

Having read about Mina’s modelling workshop on a previous blog, I was keen to set up a session in Leicester. We combined it with a 2 hour follow-up shoot which combined to give a great 4 hours for the team.
Mina’s experience and passion for vintage shines through and is not to be missed. We have now followed up with another group shoot later this year. – Allen Sheffield (Organiser)

It was a lovely presentation and so informative. I was new to studio work and shooting with models. It was so nice to hear from the models side; with how to interact with the model and the do’s and don’t.
Now I’m hopefully carrying that through within my work plus I can see what Mina was saying about some photographers shooting in a group shoot and thier actions towards the models. The main thing I took from the event was- they are people too and always ask.
As for the photos shoot part of the event; it was first class plus one may get to work with you again. – Paul Allen
Image by Paul Allen

Something that I took from the workshop was the use of previous images to explain and help to get the image you are looking for. As I have difficulty talking those few moments at the start.  Help me along with getting the right model for the photographers level too. – Michael Jones of MichaeljPhotography.

Image by MichealjPhotography.

I really enjoyed Mina’s presentation which taught me a lot about how to work with a model and both achieve great images.  The talk was lively, entertaining and informative with all manner of practical tips and advice for photographers.  I’d strongly recommend it to others. – Darrell Whitehead

Image by Darrel Whitehead

 If you would like to book a workshop with me as a group or an individual, please let me know by using the contact page, I’d be more than happy to talk to you.

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