Femme Fatale

What Katie Did – The Maitresse Set.

I’m a huge fan of What Katie Did lingerie. If only I could afford more of it, I’d be a very happy woman indeed.

The one set I do own, I’m totally and utterly obsessed with – The Maitresse set. I’ve had it since I was about 19, and during all that time I’ve only ever had to change the bra once, but that was due to a change in my size. It has stood the test of time.

The thing I love about the set most is that it is so incredibly versatile, it can be dressed up in a sci-fi set or kept as a beautiful retro image as well as paying homage to the Queen of Pin Up’s herself – Bettie Page. It’s also incredible as foundation lingerie.

I’ve always been a fan of the look a bullet bra gives you, either under a top or just on its own. It’s an unmistakable silhouette creating a bold statement.

Take a look below.

Bettie Page styling. Image by Gwen Woods Imaging. 
mina 8000 d_edited-1
Dressed up as something a little more vintage & teamed up with a corset. Image by Michael Szabo.
mina bg1
Out of this world sci-fi. A retro themed Darth Vader. Image by JamSnaps.
Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-223
Or elegantly paired with the Retro Diva Boudoir Gown. Image by Amanda Elwell Photography.
Mina Von Vixen Photoshoot - August 2015
It even goes well for a walk in the woods. Image by Morgan Rana Photography. 
It creates perfect pin-up looks effortlessly. Image by Amanda Elwell Photography. 

Its the staple set for any pin up, and above all a worth while investment.

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