The Boudoir Gown by Retro Diva.

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I’m such a lucky woman to be a brand ambassador and part of an utterly brilliant and unique brand – Retro Diva. 

Boudoir Gown 6
Image by Michael Szabo

The Boudoir Gown was an idea inspired by all of the golden age femme fatales of Hollywood films in the 40’s. As soon as you put it on you feel as though so should be traipsing through the halls of a Beverly Hills mansion in an old black and white film, or just simply whooshing around corners making the gown flare dramatically in the air.
Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-324
Image by Amanda Elwell Photography

I’ve always wanted a dressing gown like this, it always seemed to be the height of elegance in any wardrobe.
As well as being a statement lingerie piece, its also a luxurious robe thats easy and comfortable to wear.
Boudoir Gown 4
Image by Michael Szabo

The fastening is a simple but sophisticated long black ribbon that you can either tie at the front or back for any desired look.
The Boudoir Gown is made from an exquisite sheer material that in the right light – gives you a glimpse of thigh or stomach. Incredibly seductive!
tilly 8000 a
Image by Michael Szabo

Retro Diva and I decided to go for a 3/4 length sleeve, but to still keep the details of a traditional long sleeve gown. So we decided to keep the waterfall of fabric around the elbows, Sue (Retro Diva designer) also added a beautiful intricate trim to finish the sleeves off.
tilly 8000 h
Image by Michael Szabo

To give the Boudoir Gown that special je ne sais quoi, Sue found another lovely trim that almost looks like feathers to outline the opening of the gown and sit around the neck.
Mina Von Vixen Pin Up Shoot November 2017-515
Image by Amanda Elwell Photography


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