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Pip & Pantalaimon Peacock Lingerie Review.

I’ve been a lingerie addict since the day my Mum helped me buy my first bra. I love the way a matching set makes me feel and its even better when that set is as stunning as the one from Pip & Pantalaimon.

mina 7000 f

I was after a set that wasn’t underwired and had a soft cup but also looked gorgeous and complimented my hair colour for a big shoot I had coming up. The peacock set filled all of those requirements and more.

mina 20 e_edited-1

I love the way the colours of the fabric subtly change under different lights, you get highlights of blue in the sunlight and deep rich greens in the shade.

The bra itself has a sheer panel at the top of the cup for a racy element but also conceals all the right places. It’s incredibly comfortable yet supportive.

mina 7000 d

The suspender belt is stunning! It’s super high-waisted and really defines any curves and holds stockings in place for hours!

The whole design is sultry and elegant. I can’t wait to get a second set. They take custom orders too – something I really must take advantage of in the future!

mina 9000 x

If it’s glamour you want – Pip & Pantalaimon is what you need.

This was an unpaid post.
All Photography by Michael Szabo.

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