I actually couldn’t believe my eyes when we got to Jamestown, I’d never seen anything quite like it! it was almost as if I’d just walked in on a John Wayne set.

Everyone who regularly reads my blogs knows that I’m a huge fan of anything vintage and antique, so this was a real kid in a candy shop scenario for me.

We only spent one night here before heading off to Sacramento, but in that short space of time we saw several movie locations, ate in a saloon bar and relaxed in true cowboy fashion on the balcony with our feet up enjoying the night air (the fact you got good Wifi up there was besides the point!).

This was our hotel, full of charming antiques and a rickety bed. It was a small room but thoroughly enjoyable!


Just a quick look at the rest of the hotel:

I really loved it, I loved the old furniture, the reception, the wooden decor. Just so cool.

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We then went to eat at the aforementioned saloon, but I was still in absolute awe at the town. It felt like a time capsule.


We had a quick wander around afterwards before heading back to the hotel. Take a look at just some of the brilliant images we got of the town.




In the morning, we didn’t want to leave right away, so we decided to have another look around the town to get more images and see what else we could find.






I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this is a real town, people live, work, eat, sleep and play here!

Then we came across the town square, there were signs up with a “Walk of Fame”. Little did we know we’d actually stumbled across a town that Hollywood frequents!20170910_085339

So being the big movie fan’s we are, we took the walk.


One of the very first plaques you come across is to mark the location of Doc Brown’s shed, the one he used to hide the Delorean in, in Back to the Future III.


There were so many plaques, we lost count after a while, but all the time we kept hearing whistles from a steam engine so we followed the sound, and yet again Jamestown delivered the gold. We got to the station where they have the train used in Back to the Future AND the tracks where Doc Brown chases the train.


After all the movie excitement, it was time to make a start to Sacramento.


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