La La Land Day

As soon as we landed in LA we went right to the car hire (which took forever) and went to Hermosa Beach Pier, which is where they filmed Ryan Gosling singing “City of Stars”.
People were fishing with glow sticks at the end of their rods and cooking their catch right there and then on small BBQ’s, you can’t get much more fresh than that!
IMG_0914I’m sure I don’t need to say this but I’m a huge fan of La La Land so just starting with this was overwhelming.
Right next to Hermosa Beach Pier is the Lighthouse Cafe, once you’ve taken in the view at the front be sure to check out the back! A lot of the jazz scenes were filmed there, it was amazing to go in and not only appreciate it for the film but also for the jazz history. We even got to hear some live music and had a drink. 20170902_202205
After a bite to eat we headed up to Griffith Park Observatory, last time we were at Griffith I found it romantic, but after seeing the first date sequence in the film my heart was pounding! We went at night and there wasn’t another soul in sight. Beautiful and peaceful with outstanding views of LA.
There are many other places around LA they filmed such as the Warner Brothers lot, The Rialto theatre and Mount Hollywood Drive.
I had to get the photo with one of these lamp posts!

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