Burlesque History

Burlesque Noir 2017

After such a long wait after buying the tickets in March, Burlesque Noir was finally here starring the one and only Roxi D’Lite!

We arrived in Blackpool dressed to the nines and decided to have a pre-burly meal at Bella Italia just around the corner from the Tower Ballroom, luckily by the time we’d finished the meal, the rain had stopped.



Once we arrived at the ballroom we waited in line for our VIP tickets. The Ballroom is an incredible intricately decorated room, everywhere you look there’s something new to see.

The show started hilariously with a reading from Fifty Shades of Grey by Jonathan Mayor. 20171007_201748


The comedy just kept rolling with our host for the evening Joe Black.


Pinky DeVille glided on stage in a giant plume of gorgeous feathers and sparkle, really engaging the audience. Lady Wildflower treated us to a really fun All that Jazz routine and hit the notes in all the right places.

I’ve found a new firm favourite in Carrie-Ann O’Dell, she moved so elegantly and had a major Dita presence.


Then came the moment everyone was waiting for, Roxi D’Lite! I think my heart almost stopped as she stepped out onto the stage to a roar of excitement from the audience.



All of the acts had something amazing to bring to the stage, we had hula hooping from Helen Orford, Raven Noir’s new Lobster Girl act, Albah Bernaux had a beautiful routine.




The Halloween spirit had certainly caught Odelia Opium and Sandy Sure…



Velma Von Bon Bon had the ballroom in stitches closely followed by Cece Sinclair and Jonathan Mayor’s double act.





The show went out with a bang with Roxi D’Lite’s brand new act! What a treat!



A huge well done to all in the show and especially Raven Noir for creating yet again another fabulous night of burlesque.




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