Vintage Style & Beauty

Outfit Of The Day USA Edition.

Here’s just a little post about some of the outfits I wore on our trip to the USA.   Universal Studios Hollywood Top – Hell Bunny.  Skirt – Banned Apparel.  Shoes – Zaxy. Brought from Top Vintage Boutique Vasquez Rocks Top – Hell Bunny.  Shorts – Banned Apparel.   Shoes – Disney. Sequoia National Park  Top – Charity…… Continue reading Outfit Of The Day USA Edition.

Burlesque History

Producing Silken Burlesque Varietease.

I produced Silken Burlesque Varietease in Leek, Staffordshire from May 2014 to December 2015. I hope someday in the future I can revive it. It was such a lovely show to put together and everybody, performers included loved it. There was so much love and dedication piled into it and an immeasurable amount of passion…… Continue reading Producing Silken Burlesque Varietease.