My Burlesque Story

My burlesque story starts with my love of corsets.

One day, back in 2008, I was looking for my fix of corsets online. I went to all the usual online shops, and then whilst perusing, I came across this gorgeous raven haired woman, Dita Von Teese. I’d never heard of her before, so I started to google her, then the word ‘burlesque’. I quickly became enticed by this stunning art form!

Performing at Absinthe & Lace Supper Club. Image by: Craig Seraphic.

I came across such names as Viky Butterfly and Immodesty Blaize as well performers from the past, like Tempest Storm, Dixie Evans and Lili St Cyr. So I was stuck, at 14 years old, in total awe of these glamorous women, totally underage to do anything like them. So I waited.

Fast forwarding to late 2011, after a couple of years of watching video’s, reading articles and joining forums, I decided to look for classes ready for my 18th birthday in 2012. Diamond Teese Burlesque Studio popped up! After emailing and talking to her online, I quickly snapped up the opportunity to join as a beginner in the new year. During my long wait, I’d been studying moves but never attempted them myself. In classes I felt so empowered! I loved the fact I was in a room with women who shared the same passion as me.

Performing at Silken Burlesque Varietease. Image by: Paper Toast Photography.

They all joined for different reasons, some wanted to perform, some just wanted a little something for home. I took the skills I learnt from the classes, and taught myself at home too. I’d been modelling since I was 13, so I had a good understanding of poses, but movement was a whole other thing! Finally in April 2012, I made my debut! I can’t tell you how exhilarating it was!

in 2014, aged just 20 I produced my first show, Silken Burlesque Varietease.  I was over the moon, and to be honest, a little scared. I’d never produced my own show before. I was so happy when the performers told me that it was one of the best organised show’s they’d ever performed in. Silken Burlesque Varietease started at the Foxlowe in Leek, and will branch out further in the future. That stage sure has seen some gorgeous women!

In 2015, I briefly taught burlesque lessons under Diamond Teese Burlesque, in my hometown, Leek. Something I hope to return to in the future.

In 2016, I featured in award winning band Alter Eden’s music video for their single, Colourless. Watch it here.

Presently, I’m still working on my shows, performing where time will allow, modelling, and I’m very focused on my burlesque history research.

I’ll always be in love with good old burlesque.

Just a few Testimonials: 

Diamond Teese – 

“Mina is very passionate about the history and the creativity of burlesque. Her performances are creative and thoughtful. A very talented young woman with a passion and drive for a wonderful art form. Mina’s acts are fun to watch and a good mix of enticement and playfulness.”

Trixie Blue – 

“I have had the pleasure to perform with and witness the stunning, sensational and super starlet that is Mina Von Vixen. Not only does Mina make you giggle with delight at her brilliantly constructed acts (especially her fabulous Detective act) She is a sultry siren who invites the audience to join in with her performance with a wiggle and a cheeky wink. Mina is a true professional, maintaining utmost professionalism on and off the stage – such a joy to work with and look forward to working with the fabulous Mina again in the future.”