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Vintage Lady Travel Essentials.

I’m going on holiday soon, and I’m preparing like crazy already. I really can’t wait for a new adventure. However, I really don’t like packing. Sometimes I wish I could just wave a wand and POOF… all my packing is done! Sadly that’s not the case, and I thought I’d put this little essentials list…… Continue reading Vintage Lady Travel Essentials.

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Modelling Workshop from Both Sides of the Camera.

On the 7th June I hosted my very first workshop called “Modelling Workshop from Both Sides of the Camera” and it went down a storm. I was so pleased to see so many people turn up to hear what I had to say, take notes and put what they had learnt into practice. “I like…… Continue reading Modelling Workshop from Both Sides of the Camera.

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Modelling Advice and Etiquette

This year I hit the big one zero, ten years of modelling! I started at age 13 for a local shop in Leek called Broomsticks, the shop was dedicated to gothy, tarot and witchy things and I frequented there often. I’d quite like to mark the occasion by sharing some tips and information I’ve learnt…… Continue reading Modelling Advice and Etiquette