Vintage Lady Travel Essentials.

I’m going on holiday soon, and I’m preparing like crazy already. I really can’t wait for a new adventure.
However, I really don’t like packing. Sometimes I wish I could just wave a wand and POOF… all my packing is done!
Sadly that’s not the case, and I thought I’d put this little essentials list together.

1. Sun Cream For Your Face.


Yes there’s a difference. The sun cream you use for your body is too heavy for the skin on your face, thus resulting in clogged pores, and we all know what that leads to. I’ve chosen the Clarins one simply because it smells nice, can go on all skin types and its factor 50.

Plus prevention is better than the cure, sun can damage your skin, resulting in wrinkles, age spots and more serious medical conditions. 

2. Sun Cream For Your Body. 


Again, I always go for factor 50. I really don’t like tanning. 

I apply this after a shower in the morning and then top it up every 3 hours!

3. Water.

I’m quite bad with this, but staying hydrated in the heat is very important.

4. Lipstick. 


I’ll be taking a few lipsticks!

5. Eyeliner.


I’ll be taking a couple, one for just quick application and another that takes a little more time to get a more dramatic flick.

6. Powder. 

blog powder

Just for those touch-up’s during the day. 

7. Perfume Atomiser.

This eliminates the risk of perfume spilling everywhere in your suitcase. 

8. Comfortable Shoes. 

Image by Jude Pixie Poole.

Again this is something I’m bad with, I usually go for pretty. But this time I’m going for pretty and practical.

9. Scarf.

Something to keep you warm as the sun goes down but the adventure continues.

10. Parasol or Hat and Sunglasses.


This is something to keep the sun off, but can look incredibly glamorous. 

11. Dresses.

I can’t go on holiday without a whole new wardrobe! 


Happy travels!

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