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Keeping Beauty Blenders Clean.

It’s so important to clean your make up brushes and sponges around 1-3 times a week. I usually clean my brushes once a week, and clean my sponges after each use, then I blitz them once every week in the microwave… yes… the microwave.

It helps get rid of all the bacteria that would clog up pores and cause blemishes, even if you’re using a non-comedogenic foundation, a dirty sponge or brush can cause all sorts of nasty breakouts.

Here’s my method of blitzing the horrible bacteria out:

Step one:

Make sure you soak the beauty blender thoroughly in normal water. (If you don’t they may catch fire when you put them in the microwave!)


Step two:

Microwave for 30 seconds. Be careful when taking them out as they will be hot!


Step three:

Get some olive oil and washing up liquid. (Trust me) Add a small amount of both onto your hand and start cleaning your beauty blender with the mixture. (Repeat if necessary.)



Step four:

Once you’re happy with how clean your sponges are, put a very small amount of washing up liquid into a bowl of fresh water. Add your beauty blenders and give them another 30 seconds in the microwave.


Step five:

Be careful taking the sponges out again! Once they’ve cooled down squeeze out any excess soap and run under clean water, but feel free to repeat the process again if you see any more dirt. (Although I’m confident your sponges with be sparkly and clean by now!)

Once you’re happy, allow them to air dry and admire the results.



I got so excited to use my beauty blender again after doing this. Please keep in mind that sponges are only supposed to last a maximum of 3 months, after 3 months throw them out!

I hope you found this useful, feel free to share with friends.

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