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Vintage Girl Birthday!

Oh wow! The weather we’re having here in the UK is stunning, I’m actually out on the balcony writing this. (I’m just missing the wine.)

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’ve decided to treat myself this weekend.

It started with a little trip to my old hometown of Leek, to visit Little Eden Beauty and Lox Studio.

I had my nails done at Little Eden Beauty and had them done in a gorgeous modern take of the 50’s half moon design, instead of a curve at the cuticle it’s more of a heart shape. I’m totally in love with them.

Then I went to go and see one of my high school friends (Laura) at Lox Studio, she’s absolutely brilliant with my hair. First I had it bleached so that the new neon colour would sit right, and then added the Kenra dye. Perfect time for a catch up.

I’m still getting used to my hair, I’ve never been quite this bright before but its lovely.

After a wine filled film night with my boyfriend, I got up this morning for a shoot with a group of photographers (perfect time to show off my new hair!) I modelled in all of my burlesque costumes. There were also mirrors at the back of the studio which sometimes helps you get the right pose for the image and gives you a massive confidence boost at the same time, especially if you’re prancing around in your underwear and you see how much one weeks worth of working out properly effects your body.

Tomorrow I’m going on another mini shoot to make the most of this stunning weather, and yes… to show off my hair again.

All in all a pretty good birthday weekend, along with a confidence boost.


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