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Shills Black Mask

I’ve finally got my hands on one!

I’ve seen black masks everywhere online, and they seem to be all the rage. So what better time to get one, winter is coming to an end (hopefully) and our skin has gone through hell with the cold weather, artificial heat and illnesses.


I had an Amazon voucher for Christmas and decided to invest. I’ve been sitting next to the postbox eagerly awaiting its arrival, and it arrived about 30 minuets ago.

I’ve washed my face with one of my favourite face washes, Soap and Glory ‘Vitamin C Facial Wash’, then the box instructed ‘For best results, steam the face before using the mask to open pores…’ so I have.



I’ve seen peoples reviews saying to not put this all over your face, because it’s so painful. So I’ve elected to just put a thin layer on my t-zone and problem areas.


I’m wearing it right now, so;

10 minuets in: it feels quite cool.

15 minuets in: its really starting to dry, and its getting quite tight.

20 minuets in: you can feel it working, its gone quite tight now, but not totally dry.

25 minuets in: It’s getting really dry, tight, and its very tempting to pick it! (must resist urge!)

30 minuets: Timer has gone off! I really can’t move my face. Let’s see how this has worked.



Okay, so that didn’t go as expected. It got a couple of blackheads on my chin, same with my nose, but worked quite well on my forehead, it did however give me a little wax!

So I’m going in for a second attempt.

This time I’ve exfoliated with St. Ives blemish fighting apricot scrub, to get rid of any excess dead skin just in case that got in the way of the first attempt.

Attempt 2.

Hmm, second attempt wasn’t that great either, it worked a little better this time but not by that much.


After I removed the mask, I used a gentle face wash and put a layer of Estee Lauder Night Repair on.


I would try this product again, it has made my skin feel tighter and it does seem to have got rid of a few blackheads, and my skin does feel smoother from the mini wax!

Overall I’d probably give this 6/10.


Disclaimer: This was a purchase of my own, there has been no sponsorship or payment affiliated with this article. My views are of my own experience.

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