Award Winning Looks.

It’s the Oscars baby!
I’ll be watching tonight. As well as seeing all the actors, actresses and directors, I’m guilty of loving the dresses that come down the red carpet too, plus there’s the nostalgia of ‘I’ve stood there!’.

Bet you can’t spot me!

I’ve put together a little list of my red carpet looks, just because I want to join in.

Collectif Ingrid Dress.

This dress hugs in all the right places and perfect for any fancy party or meal. It has a gorgeous fish tale with a real vintage feel.

Image By Bob Atkinson

Collectif Trixie Dress.

I bought this one in the sale especially for valentines day, and again collectif have done a wonderful job of ensuring their dresses compliment my figure. I love the vibrant red in contrast to my blue hair. It’s made of stretchy material too, so it’s a bit more forgiving if you go for a meal in it.

Image By JamSnaps Photography

eBay Find Genuine 60’s Vintage Dress.

I’m so lucky to have found this on eBay, and paying less than £15 for it! It’s in perfect condition, has beautiful detail around the neck and again, actually fits my waist! (I have an unusual body shape, I’m quite short but from years of wearing corsets my waist won’t fit standard clothing lines.)

Image By Micheal Szabo

What Katie Did Lingerie.

You can never, ever, go wrong with a well made vintage inspired lingerie set! This set is perfect for dressing up, or down for that matter. I’d love to get more WKD lines, I have plenty of their stockings.

Image by Morgan Rana Photography

Satin Dressing Gown.

Now this I love, it’s so simple, but the moment you put it on you start to feel like you’re on the set of a 1950’s glamorous film, all you really need now is the soft lighting. Simple, glamorous, and a lovely vintage feel. You can get them on eBay for next to nothing.

Mina Von Vixen - Dance Before Dawn-1.jpg
Image by PaperToast

The simple (but effective) Little Black Dress.

I’ve had a couple of simple every day little black dresses, you can dress them up and down to fit any occasion. Add a scarf for a daytime look, and a large necklace for a dramatic evening look. Try a broach, or corset. Primark are usually great for these. No woman should be without a LBD.

Image By Andreas Creative Photography.

Lindy Bop Carver Skirt.  

This is my all time favourite skirt. It goes with anything, a cardigan, tank top, floaty blouse, a bralette, corset, anything! I believe they’re discontinued now, well in red anyway, they have other patterns but all of them curve flattering.

Image by Amanda Elwell Photography.

Daisy Cutter Underwear. (Blu83)

I love love love my set made by Daisy Cutter. I use them for my Minnie The Moocher act, they’re so well made and incredibly comfortable. I’m even thinking of new costumes just to incorporate her designs!

Backstage in Manchester.

The Classic Waves.

I always try and imitate Veronica Lake’s famous side waves when I’m on stage or on a shoot, I just add a little more volume. I use my heated rollers for this, especially if I want the volume! If I want a quick curl and wave then I use the curling tongues, I do try and keep enough time to use my rollers though.

Image by Amanda Elwell Photography.

Flicked Eye liner.

It’s a classic, there’s no escaping that. I feel totally naked without mine. If you’re just starting out and struggling to get it even, try drawing dots in a line over your eyelashes on the lid, then connect them all up, take your time, practice makes perfect. It took me long enough.

Image by Bob Atkinson.

Here’s to La La Land tonight! I want them to win about a million Oscars!

Holding a real Oscar at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank L.A

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