Valentines Day, Just For You.

Of course on valentines day, you want to treat your other half, on this day and all the rest, but don’t forget to look after yourself for the rest of the year too.

If you’re single or not, it’s always important to take a little ‘me time’ from time to time, it doesn’t have to be valentines day to do this, do it when ever you need a little pick me up.
Here’s a little list of just a few things you can do:

1) Get yourself a feel-good playlist.

Personally I like jazz and blues to calm me down, however after the release of La La Land I’ve kind of let that soundtrack consume my soul! I love it.


2)  Pamper yourself.


Pour yourself a bath with some essential oils in it, or if you prefer maybe try some Radox bath salts or bubble bath. You really can’t go wrong with a Lush bath bomb!

Get a good mud mask on. I still use the ones you’d use at a girly sleepover (but hey, whatever works right?!)

Exfoliate your whole body (use a different one for your face obviously) and get those pins super smooth! Then you can go out to whoever is in the next room and tell them to feel your legs, maybe not a total stranger though, you might end up with some sort of restraining order… or the start of something beautiful! Haha!

After a nice soak, make sure you moisturise your body and dry your hair.

Maybe paint your nails if you feel like it.


3) …And this one is scary!


 Go Facebook free! Seriously, I find it so much better being off it for even just a few hours.


4) Get your favourite film(s) on.


Mine would have to be a good old fashioned Middle Earth marathon, extended versions including the Hobbit.


5) Food.

26752859156_80c849444e_bTry and cook it if you can, you’ll have a greater level of satisfaction. However if you really don’t want to cook then make sure you find a great take away with brilliant reviews.

6) Wine/Mocktails/Tea.


 I wouldn’t recommend this every time, but get yourself a bottle of your favourite drink. You’ve earned it after all. Tea is a great alternative, tea makes everything better.


7) Create a nice comfortable atmosphere.

Light a candle, dim the lights, get your fluffiest dressing gown on, grab a cup of tea, and breath.


♥ I hope you all have a lovely valentines day what ever you do. ♥

Make sure you look after yourself on a regular basis (and of course that special someone in your life) there’s nothing worse than refusing yourself the right to wind down and relax.

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